[klɪə] adj I
1) obvious and certain to be true
It appears to be a clear case of discrimination.[/ex]
It was very clear that something was worrying him.[/ex]
It is not clear whether the firemen are still alive.[/ex]
2) easy to understand
Clear instructions are provided.[/ex]
Let me make this clear – I will not help you again![/ex]
3) easy to see or hear
‘I did it,' she said in a clear voice.[/ex]
The picture was clear and sharp.[/ex]
4) transparent
a clear glass bottle[/ex]
5) not confused
Are you clear about the purpose of the meeting?[/ex]
6) if a surface, road, or passage is clear, there is nothing that blocks it
a clear view of the mountains[/ex]
All the main roads are clear of snow.[/ex]
7) if the sky is clear, there are no clouds
8) not affected by guilty feelings
She had done her duty, and her conscience was clear.[/ex]
coast I,
crystal clear
Word family: clear Words in the same family as clearclarity nclearly advunclear adj II
clear */*/*/[klɪə]
1) [T] to remove people or things from a place, or to become empty when people leave or things are removed
Millions of acres of tropical forest have been cleared.[/ex]
The room cleared quickly after the speech.[/ex]
To start with, you should clear the ground of weeds.[/ex]
2) [T] to remove something that is blocking a place
The police cleared a path through to the front of the building.[/ex]
3) [T] to prove officially that someone did not do something wrong
The two men were cleared of murder yesterday.[/ex]
4) if the sky or the weather clears, it becomes brighter with no clouds or rain
5) [T] to give or obtain permission for something to happen
You'll have to clear this project with head office.[/ex]
6) [T] to go over, under, or past an object without touching it
The horse cleared the fence.[/ex]
7) [I] if something such as smoke clears, it starts to disappear
8) [I/T] if a cheque clears, or if a bank clears it, the bank allows the money to be used
clear the air — to discuss a problem or difficult situation with someone in order to make it better[/ex]
clear your throat — to make a noise in your throat before you speak, so that you can speak without any difficulty[/ex]
- clear sth away
- clear off
- clear sth out
- clear up
- clear (sth) up
- clear sth up
III noun clear [klɪə] in the clear — 1) no longer believed to be guilty of something bad or illegal; 2) no longer in a difficult or dangerous situation[/ex] IV
clear [klɪə]
completely away from something
Stand clear of the closing doors.[/ex]
keep/stay/steer clear of — to avoid someone or something unpleasant or dangerous[/ex]
[i]No one mentioned the divorce, so Lisa decided to steer clear of that subject.[/ex]

Dictionary for writing and speaking English. 2014.

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